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Try GPUdb today and analyze over 2 Billion real-time streaming tweets.

We provide services in Big Data Analytics and Visualization Tools for Federal Government and private sector clients. With our commitment to excellence and drive for success, we have consistently exceeded our clients' expectations.

High performing innovative solutions

With a record of documented excellence supporting the Department of Defense and others, we provide the best people for the most complicated computer engineering, software and technological challenges. We have a track record that demonstrates our successes to this end, which includes patented GIS Federal technology.

GPUdb - A lightning fast database for many core devices

A comprehensive database that incorporates numerous complex and distinct sources of information, which can be quickly sorted and displayed using easily understood visualization tools. GIS Federal uses a unique approach that takes advantage of multiple core devices across several machines.

We love what we do

At GIS Federal, we pride ourselves on delivering solutions to the difficult challenges of very large data analytics, cloud computing and the continually evolving demands of intelligence operations. As such, our company is comprised of experts driven to develop technological solutions that support our clients, with a focus on the people that will ultimately use them.

Industry Leading
We've set records

GIS Federal, along with an industry partner, set the record for speed with which computations can be processed and displayed. Our technology is not only orders of magnitude faster than others in the field, it is uniquely capable of indexing, sorting and displaying enormous amounts of data through the company’s patented computational engine.

Our Experience

GIS Federal is a key service provider in some of the Intelligence Community’s most challenging projects. We have developed peerless solutions for analytics, improved the processing speed, by orders of magnitude, for data retrieval from big data systems and created visualization tools with unquestionable results. With an unrelenting drive for excellence, our team has the expertise, perseverance, desire and creativity to continue to provide innovative solutions to organizations’ challenges and limitations.

What We Do
Our Core Services

GIS Federal is a cohesive, knowledgeable team that strives to establish a professionally rewarding relationship with our customers and teammates so as to achieve effective solutions for difficult technological challenges in computer programming, big data, software engineering, analytics and visualization tools. We have a proven track record that demonstrates our successes to this end, including the application of patented GIS Federal technology, which enables processing at the fastest speed in the industry, along with the accompanying displays for the retrieval of big data queries.


GIS Federal is a leader in the field of indexing, retrieving and displaying geospatial data through its unparalleled visualization tools which render information in an extremely useful fashion for analysts and decision makers. Our technology acts as a fundamental Geographic Information System processing and visualization platform in large scale cloud computing environments.


Understanding what will or could happen next dictates key decisions that could affect the success or failure or an organization. Through predictive analysis and machine learning, you can increase your ability to manage this process proactively. We can analyze your data to expose key patterns that predict future outcomes. Our predictive tools provide you the likely range of outcomes and the key drivers of these outcomes irrespective of the organization’s type.


GIS Federal can help you put your data to work. Given the unprecedented number of data sources, the exponential increase in the rate of data is likely to continue to grow for the foreseeable future. GIS Federal can align these data through a harmonization process and then apply the latest data mining techniques to extract value from them in the form of meaningful relationships and patterns, thus putting your data to work for you.


Presenting the results of analytics is clearly as important as finding the right answer. GIS Federal can develop high quality visual displays of information to help users obtain the maximum amount of data available and present it in a manner that can be readily understood. These displays are not only beautiful, but they also deliver complex results flexibly, intuitively and interactively, thereby facilitating analyses. The distributed hardware accelerated WMS visualization service offered through our GAIA product has solved some of the most intense real-time big data visualization challenges to date.


GIS Federal’s global tracking solutions can fuse real-time and historical data from numerous sources to track moving entities across land, sea and air. Our advanced prediction algorithms can forecast entities’ future behavior and raise alerts about unusual activity.


GIS Federal offers cyber security and Information assurance (IA) solutions to secure enterprise systems and networks. We have expertise in configuring, deploying security architectures and protecting IT designs based on assessments of our customers' current and future IT needs, mission objectives and regulatory requirements. In connection with implementing tailored architectures, we help define and implement IA policies, procedures, and guidelines to ensure effective future IT planning. We also identify potential threats and vulnerabilities, design and implement corrective action plans that employ advanced technologies such as encryption, digital signatures, and firewalls, using commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) as well as custom-made security and software solutions.


GIS Federal offers a full lifecycle of network engineering services to our customers from the initial requirements analysis and network design through solutions implementation and testing, to include designing disaster recovery contingency plans. Our network engineering capabilities include architecture development, design, implementation, configuration, and operation of Local Area Networks (LANs), Metropolitan Area Networks (MANs), and Wide Area Networks (WANs). Our extensive experience providing network engineering services for our customers allows us to rapidly identify potential bottlenecks, security threats and vulnerabilities, as well as address these potential issues with cost-effective solutions.

Our Expertise

Global Intelligence Solutions (GIS) Federal is a recognized leader in the development of high performing innovative solutions for big data, cloud computing and intuitive tools to address a multitude of analytic challenges. We are at the forefront of technological capabilities which increase processing speeds for data mining, delivering unparalleled precision and data displays that were heretofore impossible [see video demonstration and contact us using the information below for more details]. We are proud of this accomplishment. GIS Federal, along with an industry partner, set the record for speed with which computations can be processed and displayed. Our technology is not only orders of magnitude faster than others in the field, it is uniquely capable of indexing, sorting and displaying enormous amounts of data through the company’s patented computational engine. This technology has broad applications for businesses in the commercial industry and key aspects of the program are providing vital support to the Department of Defense. As an integral member of the effort supporting the intelligence community, we have developed solutions for key systems being used in intelligence operations where pinpoint accuracy and immediate analytic results from big data sources are paramount. In addition to the unmatched processing speed and the time saved on extracting and sorting data, this technological advance also accesses and retrieves an array of data that others cannot, making it an invaluable capability for our Federal Government customers and organizations in the private sector alike.

Why Choose Us?

Our experience in high performance computing software development for the most demanding of customers has resulted in a wealth of in-depth knowledge regarding the development of scalable solutions with a phenomenal performance history. We have experts in many different aspects of programming and development, to include /MapReduce/Hadoop’. We not only understand it, but we can tell you why it is or isn’t a proper solution for your particular situation at a data and computational logistics level.

Our commitment to excellence, coupled with a constant quest for learning, means that our team has the capability and invests the time to understand the problem, researching potential solutions in detail. Our team thrives on addressing the most vexing problems and works diligently to produce a tailored solution.

The GIS Federal Team

Amit Vij
Chief Executive Officer

CEO of GIS Federal responsible for the vision and making administrative and executive decisions for the company. Background in computer engineering with over a decade of software development experience in the commercial and federal space with an emphasis in analyzing and visualizing big data. Subject matter expert on geospatial intelligence and helped architect GPUdb which is a Graphical Processing Unit (GPU) accelerated distributed database with native geospatial object and rendering support that handles big data.

Amit is also a web entrepreneur, having successfully created and sold a leading consumer website that has been featured in several television news broadcasts and printed publications. Amit received a B.S. In Computer Engineering from the University of Maryland at College Park with a concentration in the fields of Computer Science, Electrical Engineering, and Mathematics.

Nima Negahban
Chief Technology Officer

Nima has developed innovative big data systems across a wide spectrum of market sectors ranging from bio-technology to high speed trading systems. Nima acted as the core developer and architecht of GPUdb working in conjunction with Amit Vij to revolutionize large scale distributed data processing using many core devices. As part of the management team Nima helps define strategic goals, and is actively involved in GIS Federal businness operations. Nima holds a BS in computer science from the University of Maryland.

Richard Willbrant
Chief Financial Officer

Rick is a senior financial executive with over 35 years of experience serving primarily aerospace, defense and manufacturing companies. Prior to joining GIS Federal in 2011, he spent the previous nine years as a Group VP Finance for DRS Technologies, where he helped lead his Group through six-fold growth achieved both organically and via acquisition. Prior to that, for fourteen years, he was the lead financial executive for a leveraged buy-out group, which acquired and operated several manufacturing and defense companies. Rick started his career spending seven years as a CPA with Big 4 accounting firms.

Rick has a BS and an MBA from the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania. He lives with his wife Karen in Ocala, FL and the Berkshires in MA.

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Our unique insight into emerging technologies is further enabled through technical partnerships with leaders in hardware and software innovation.

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